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Testimony of Miriam

Everything began just as a dream but it ended up being the time of my life . Since I was a teenager  I had this feeling about Italy, somehow I fell in love with this place, the culture, the language, etc.  I wanted to get know everything about it.  I constantly had the desire of living there and I never gave up on that.  Last year I found this amazing opportunity that helped me reach my goal! I almost didn't believe I was that close, I started reading about this program "walk and tutor" and of course I didn't hesitate to leap in to it. Finally after all the paper work and the interviews here I was, taking the plane that was going to take me to my new adventure.  
Living with this Italian family was amazing, since the first moment they made me feel so welcome, they soon adopted me as a part of the family.

I was so exited to be there, just to wake up there every day, to smell fresh coffee, to hear the beautiful sound of the Italian language, to go biking around the neighborhood, to taste a "gelato" in a hot sunny day, I can't find enough words to describe the sensation that I experienced there every single day.
I spend three months in Rapallo Italy, teaching English to this adorable little girl named Carlotta, we had so much fun together, I could say that we became good friends. During my stay in Rapallo I was able to got to know a lot of nice people, the Pirelli's family had lots of friends around, we used to spend some days  laying down at the beach, having picnics there, "my family"  was always very kind to introduced me to their friends as if I was part of them, everyone was so welcome and so interested in my culture and my language.  
At the end of my trip saying goodbye to them was not easy, time passed by really fast I couldn't believe it was three months already! and it was time to go back home.  Almost the whole family  took me to the train station and we all hugged and cried  happy and sad tears.

I have not enough word to describe the beautiful and amazing experience I had last year, I thank God for giving me the chance to have such a wonderful experience and to placed me in such a nice home.  I can say that I have  family back in Italy which I will never forget and I will always keep them in my heart.

I love you and miss you all I really hope to go back some day!!
we should skype soon :)
xxx Miriam!


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