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An au pair is generally between 18 to 27 but in certain Countries can be up to 30 years old. In return for board, lodging and some weekly pocket money, they will take care of the host family’s children and deal with minor daily chores (e.g. cooking , tidying up their things and  bedrooms, tidying up in general, helping in the kitchen, etc.).Heavy chores are excluded since the au pair is not and must not be seen as a servant, considering their characteristics and the solely cultural intent of their stay in Italy.

The au pair will be treated as a family member: they will have their own bedroom and the possibility of attending a course of Italian language.

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The host family has the duty to help the au pair to fit in, be friendly welcoming, and keep in mind that they may express difficulties at the beginning of the stay and will have new habits to understand and follow.
The au pair will be a great help for the hosting family to take care of children, tidy up the house, for example will help set the table, help children dress in the morning and have their breakfast, take to and pick them up from school, take them to various activities, to a friend’s birthday party, help them do their homework,  look after them, prepare easy meals when parents are out: in short  all the tasks an older brother/sister could help with  for  their siblings.

Most common types of cultural exchange in Italy and Europe are:

  • au pair: 5/6 working hours per day and 2/3 evenings babysitting. The entire weekend will be free  or one and half  days in this last case two long weekends off  per month are assured.

  • demi pair: attending daily Italian classes, 3/4 working hours per day, 2/3 evenings babysitting and, The entire weekend will be free.In this case two long weekends off per month are assured. 
  • tutor: teach your native language to your host family up to 15 hours each week.


During  holidays time , the host family  will take the au pair  with them, all expenses paid and the au pair will continue carrying out their own tasks for the money agreed.

When the au pair’s stay is equal to or longer than six months, they generally get one paid  week’s leave (two weeks for twelve months) and the cost of their fligh ticket back. 

Pocket money varies in correspondence with working hours : from a minimum of 50 euros a week for a demi pair up to maximum 100 euros a week for the au pair.


I remind you anyway that:

  • The EU citizens, during their visit with their European Health Insurance Card can receive medical necessary treatment (due to illness or an accident) free or at a reduced cost. This has been extended to Switzerland, Norway and Iceland as well, but term of validity of the card varies according to the issuing Country, so please check it before your departure.
  • Non EU citizens need to hold a  private health insurance covering for all their entire stay in Italy.
  • Foreign nationals - that is non-EU citizens - may enter Italy providing that they hold a valid passport and, if required, an entry Visa issued in their Country of origin.
  • EU nationals do not need a residence permit to stay in Italy.

Becoming part of the family
is the spirit
of the au pair program.



Agency for the search and selection
of au pairs and host families





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