You will obtain a 50 % of discount if you have already found your host family by yourself and you only  need our support to verify  all the documents ( host family and candidate) and to have assistance during your stay.

The agency fee for a foreign applicant wishing to  participate in any cross cultural programs such as au pair, tutor  or other is :

-390 Euros for a short stay-up to 90 days-
-490 Euros for a long one, anyone over 90 days if eligible to.

The  agency service charge includes:
•    Association fee -90 euros– verify all your documents  and those of the host family
•    The assistance pre-departure and throughout your stay including the possibility to change  of a
•    Change family in case  of need

On the contrary these are costs taken on by the applicant:
•    Insurance
•    Flight cost
•    Visa when necessary
•    Permesso di Soggiorno once in Italy.
•    Classes cost for demi pair program.

Once you will be in the family you will receive an Italian phone sim card and if you send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  you will be put in contact with other au pairs in Italy for the purposes  to see each other.
For the long stay the family will help the applicant to pay towards Italian classes in the region of 10 euro per week if attended for a limit of 500 euro per year.



Agency for the search and selection
of au pairs and host families