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Come to teach your native language to Italy.

As a tutor you will live with a host family in Italy and help them learn your native language.

Sharing your language with your host family for up to 15 hours each week. 

You will work out your schedule with your host family in advance or immediately upon your arrival. 

Your primary reason for being there is to provide conversation in your native language.  The family knows that and they are expecting you to set the teaching schedule in advance and bring materials with you that will use to help the family learn.  This is your responsibility.  Although you are a guest, they are expecting that you take the lead! 

Your room and meals are included with your program fee.

Weekends are normally free to experience the culture by traveling around Italy or why not Europe, there are so many lowcost to travel anywhere, Italy is small and very well connected with the rest of Europe.

Sometimes you can get a little pocket money, which you will know in advance when receiving the family profile.

This is a perfect blend of culture and language exchange. You will live with a screened Italian family plus you can learn or improve your Italian through immersion. 

A great program for people who want to experience life in Italy and the Italian culture in-depth.

Host families are not only excited to learn your language, but also love to share the characteristics of their Country, culture and cuisine. 

Most of our families are located in the city center  or in residential and popular areas. All positions are live in.

The program is open to those aged  from 18 to 60 years old and over for both males and females and having completed year 12 or higher in education. Placements are available all year round.

The period of commitment could be for 1-3- 6 -9 months according to the Visa.

Tutors are not asked to drive so a driving license is not a requirement.

You don’ t necessary need childcare experience because host families do not always have children. If you have experience in teaching this will be certainly a plus.

Travel/health insurance cover and air fare are costs taken on by the applicant.


Tutor’s duties:

Work 15 hours per week. On average 3 hours a day.
Help family members to improve or learn to speak your language.
Assist with school work or home work; possibly accompany the children to and from school, play games as part of the language learning experience.
Light household tasks such as your own laundry, cleaning your room,  and maybe making breakfast

As a tutor you should have the following qualities:

Be a non-smoker in the host home
Be willing to try to learn some Italian
Be willing and able to adapt to another culture
Have a sense of responsibility and a positive "can do" attitude

As a tutor you will get:

Your own comfortable room, shared or private bathroom
Full board and lodge 
2  days free per week which are usually taken during the weekends.
In  the spirit of the program tutor are invited to become part of the host family, they should act and will be treated as a family member.

Other General Information:

Applications are open any time of  year.
Note that a couple of months the intended start date should be allowed for  the  application, interview, acceptance and Visa processes.
We suggest that applicants should try to become familiar with some basic Italian words and phrases before they leave.
Knowing some vocabulary will help you to settle in. There are many good books, CDs , cheap or free apps and internet sites to choose from to learn from.
A little pocket money may arrive from your host family. The amount paid to you is pocket money and should be accepted as that. If you wish to travel in Europe  while there, it is suggested to take additional money or a credit/debit card with you.
There is always a demand for tutors and those with a qualification are highly valued.

Australian, New Zealand, American, Canadian, British and South African citizens who are mother tongue English speakers may apply for this program, as you will assist a family or their children to learn English or to improve their English speaking. German, French or Spanish mother tongues are less in demand but may also apply to and participate in the  program.
Our programs aim to help you to find the perfect family match for you so that you can have a great time in Italy.

International Au Pair Italy  are so confident of their programs that they will not charge a placement fee until you accept a proposed host family only an entrance one (90 euros)  as you will have sent all your documents and have been accepted.

International Au Pair Italy  ensures a valid agreement that protects you.

You will receive calls or emails  from host families that are interested in your application.

International Au Pair Italy  provides full support during your cultural exchange stay, including back up and support in case of emergencies and rematches.
And did you know that ……..:

Italy counts 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders, the most of any country on the World Heritage List
From art to food, from stunning and varied countryside to flamboyant fashion, Italy has it all.
Be ready to get to know and love the everyday life in Italy, enjoy a second home with new friends, become more independent and confident, learn or improve your Italian, discover new interests, put your organizational and creative skills to the test, get to know yourself better, and add an international reference to your resume in order to help with future job applications using your experience to tutor native language to a family in Italy.



Agency for the search and selection
of au pairs and host families