My name is Erica. I am a 19yr old girl from Australia.
For the past 7 months I have been a live-in au pair in italy for the Sirelli family.
It has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget. During this time I have learnt to grow as an individual and gain more independence, been a part of a child's growth and development and building a strong relationship with the family. I am very greatful for the opportunities that were opened up for me.

I had the chance to learn a new language and live and be part of a different culture. The family have taught me a great deal about the history and traditions within the country aswell as Europe and how to prepare a good pasta. I was also given the opportunity to visit other parts of the country and joined the family on holidays to neighbouring countries such as France and Switzerland. On my behalf it was rewarding to offer a glimpse of my own culture aswell as teaching and helping with the improvement of speaking English.

I was also able to meet and build relationships with other people from across the world, a number of them also been au pairs. Of course there is always at least one moment where homesickness can over come you but encouragement and warmth from both the host family and friends was always received which helped to feel at ease and remembering that home is only a phone call away. I would definitely recommend this type of work to anyone who is young and vibrant with a love for children, who are positive and open minded and who find it easy to adapt to new surroundings aswell as connecting with people.

I will definitely miss the time I had spent here and will take all that I have learned home with me!



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