Who is an Au Pair?

An au pair is generally between 18 and 30 years old.

In return for board, lodging and some weekly pocket money, the au pair will take care of the host family’s children and deal with minor daily chores (e.g. cooking , tidying up their things and bedrooms, tidying up in general, helping in the kitchen, etc.).
Heavy chores are excluded since the au pair is not and must not be seen as a servant, considering their characteristics and the solely cultural intent of their stay in your Country.
The au pair will be treated as a family member: they will have their own bedroom and the possibility of attending a course of host country language.

Our Destinations

In Italy, we have families in all the country long, but we accept families located only  in big cities or in most popular places,  it is very rare for us to accept host families in the middle of the Country side, far away from everything, thus we suggest to choose the host families and not the place.

Italy is a small Country and the host family will leave you most of your week end off just to let you have the opportunity to enjoy our Country travelling across it with our other au pairs.

Thus during your free time you will be able to reach different new places easily even outside Italy such as France Switzerland UK Germany …

How to?

1. Apply

(fill out the form)

2. Pay for your application fee

(if you are eligible to one of our programs we will ask you to complete the documents and pay for the application fee, 90 euros)

3. Match your host family

(meet your host family line and select that one you match the best with)

4. Sign the agreement with your host family

(pay up the final amount as confirmation of your intention, plan your trip)

5. Leave

to  your Italian life experience

  • You will have complete full lodge and food
  • the use of the family wi fi.
  • you on the demi pair program do not need to pay your families board and lodging as this is included as part of your program.
  • You will be able to stay from 1 month to 12 months belonging to your Native Country
  • You will earn a weekly pocket money from 90 euros, 135 euros for English mother tongue
  • To experience Italian life everyday outside the host family life
  • Young people aged from 18 to 30 years old
  • To be independent and responsible and in good health
  • To want to help out in the family home with light housework and in childcare
  • To be able to adjust easily to a different environment and culture
  • To be mature, polite and flexible
  • Genuine love for children
  • Previous experience with children
  • A complete registration fee and form
  • Au pair agreement signed
  • Dear family letter
  • one photo-collage or video
  • 2 childcare references
  • Other relevant references if possible
  • Medical certificate
  • Any allergies/dietary requirement mentioned on the registration form
  • Police report checked
  • Passport if necessary
  • Visa when needed

For the AuPair:

  • 390 euros up to 3 months
  • 490 euros over 3 months

Insurance: link

What the host family will expect from you

The host family has the duty to help the au pair to fit in, be friendly welcoming, and keep in mind that they may express difficulties at the beginning of the stay and will have new habits to understand and follow.
You  will be a great help for the hosting family:

if you are a tutor an host family expect from you to be helped in your native language

if you are on demi pair , au pair or summer au pair the host families know that you will help them  to take care of  their children, tidy up the house, for example will help set the table, help children dress in the morning and have their breakfast, take to and pick them up from school, take them to various activities, to a friend’s birthday party, help them do their homework,  look after them, prepare easy meals when parents are out: in short  all the tasks an older brother/sister could help with  for  their siblings.